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The need for alcohol addiction rehab is on the rise. Data is reflecting an increase in both alcohol and drug consumption since the beginning of COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic, restrictions, and change of life as we know it. As so many are confined primarily to their homes, losing jobs and income, facing children of all ages attending school from home and online, more and more are reaching for alcohol as a means to cope. 

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2019, more than 14 million adults aged 18 or older in the United States had an alcohol use disorder (AUD). It is speculated that the numbers in 2020 will reflect a rise in that number. If you or someone you love need rehab for alcohol, Futures Recovery Healthcare is here for you. 

Situated on a beautiful, tranquil, nine-acre all-inclusive campus in Tequesta, Florida, our compassionate, experienced team offers evidence-based alcohol rehabilitation with a focus on adults in the 30 and above age group. 

Rehab Centers for Alcohol (What to Consider)

When you begin to look at alcohol addiction rehab it can be overwhelming. There are thousands of rehab centers for alcohol. Some of these offer very similar programs, environments, and treatment programs. Others offer components a bit different than the standard rehab for alcohol. 

It’s important to first take a look at what your specific recovery needs are as well as what type of environment you’d or your loved one would prefer to begin the journey of recovery. First, take a look at your (or your loved one’s) overall mental health status. Are there any other mental health disorders in addition to an AUD? This is called having co-occurring disorders and you’ll want to treat both disorders at once for the greatest chance of long-term recovery. 

Next, do you or your loved one seeking alcohol addiction rehab have any ongoing and chronic pain or other chronic health conditions? Are you a first responder? If you answered yes to either of these questions, reviewing rehab centers for alcohol that offer specialized programs for these situations is vital. 

In addition to an AUD, do you have a dependency on any drugs, either illicit or prescription? If so, you’ll want to be sure the rehab for alcohol you attend is also well-versed in treating substance use disorders (SUD). 

It’s also important when considering alcohol addiction rehab that you look at any unique needs or circumstances that may impact your addiction treatment for alcohol. Are you able to take time away from family and work responsibilities? Do you want to stay close to home for treatment or get away from the environment? 

Once you answer these, your search for alcohol addiction rehabs will be more likely to help you find the right rehab center for alcohol to meet your needs and give you the best shot at long-lasting, sustainable recovery.

Futures offers treatment for alcohol addiction as well as co-occurring disorders, first responder-specialized programs, programs for dealing with addiction and chronic pain or other chronic health conditions, and more. 

If you or your loved one is ready to begin day one in recovery or just want to learn more, contact us today online or call 866-804-2098.


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