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Addiction treatment centers across the nation number in the thousands. According to the U.S. Addiction Rehab Industry 5th Report published in January 2020, there are more than 14,000 addiction treatment centers in the United States. With millions of Americans needing treatment for substance use and alcohol use disorders, the demand for quality treatment centers is high. However, as is often the case, not all addiction treatment centers can provide the same excellence in care. 

What makes one addiction treatment center different than—or better—from the next? More than one factor impacts the quality and success of treatment centers. But one of the most important components to the best rehabs are the people who work there. While a beautiful, relaxing setting is certainly something most appreciate, the people who care for and work with clients on a day to day basis, as well as those who lead the center, make all the difference. 

At Futures Recovery Healthcare, we not only offer one of the most tranquil, beautiful, and healing environments in the nation, we pride ourselves on having the brightest, most compassionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated staff. This combination creates an atmosphere where clients can get the help they need and heal from the deep wounds of addiction. 

Our team members have vast experience in addiction treatment, and many, their own personal recovery journey to share.  But that’s not all, everyone at Futures is devoted to helping you recover and passionate about their work. 

One such person is Kim Koslow.

Kim Koslow

Connecting to the Community with Passion

Koslow, who is originally from New York, has been working in the addiction treatment industry as a clinician for nearly 20 years. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), a Master Level Certified Addiction Professional (MCAP), Board Certified Professional Counselor (BCPC), and is the 60th Certified Trauma Therapist (CTT) in the nation. And while Koslow has impressive professional titles, the title she values most is being a woman in long-term recovery from alcohol and drugs. What stands out the most is her unwavering commitment to and passion for helping individuals recover from the ravages of addiction. This passion coupled with her own personal experience, education, and training makes for a unique blend of clinical care for clients and families. It truly sets her apart.

After nearly 20 years in an industry that can take its toll on even the healthiest professional, her positive spirit and steadfast devotion to the sick and suffering alcoholic and addict continue to be unmatched. 

At two years clean and sober, Koslow began her career with addiction treatment centers at the Hanley-Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in 2001 working with the patients on the women’s unit. After witnessing multiple women return to treatment after a relapse, she saw a need for and developed a specialized alumnae program for women.  Koslow knew first-hand that women in recovery have unique needs. And while working with women and their families, she began to see how the patient’s addiction affected the entire family.   As her focus on women in recovery and their families grew, so too did her passion for helping them. 

Koslow’s Dreams Become Reality: Butterfly House 

In 2008 she fine-tuned this vision and the dream she had since getting sober began to take shape. This unshakeable mission to help women seeking recovery from drugs and/or alcohol came to fruition with the opening of  Butterfly House, one of the first Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) certified recovery residences for women in Wellington, Florida—with Koslow leading the way. 

Sober living was a natural next step to help women bridge the gap between leaving an addiction treatment center and the journey of life-long recovery—one day at a time. In fact, the longer a  person stays in a sober-structured living environment, the better their chances are for sustained recovery. At Butterfly House, women could go to an outpatient program, school, work, or volunteer.  Under the care and guidance of an all-female staff, the clients would learn vital life skills and become involved with the local recovery community. 

Koslow knows the importance of community and connection among women. She believes there is something magical that happens when women give themselves the opportunity to heal with other women. And she knows each time women gather together to heal, the world heals a little more. 

After eight amazing years leading the Butterfly House team and working closely with all 108 women who came through, Koslow closed the doors in September of 2016. When asked why she made this decision, Koslow said, “ There was a lot going on in my life at the time. My father had died and I was traveling back and forth to New York to look after my 90-year-old mother.  I was planning a wedding and getting married and I felt I could no longer continue to run Butterfly House in excellence.”

She continued, “God had opened the doors of Butterfly House and only God could close them…. God was telling me it was time to close.” 

As One Door Closes, Another One Opens

As she was catching her breath from eight years of 24/7 care for the clients at Butterfly House,  Koslow’s passion for helping people seeking recovery was ever-present. In 2017, she was approached by a friend and colleague at the Moments of Change Conference and asked about working in the outreach department at Futures. 

Despite wanting to slow down and just continue in her private practice, the idea of working at Futures resonated with  Koslow. 

There was something very special about Futures and Koslow felt compelled to investigate further. Koslow, who is well-known and respected in the addiction treatment industry and has knowledge of many addiction treatment centers, did a little research on Futures. And what she found inspired her. 

One of her longtime colleagues whom she had great admiration and respect for was the medical director at Futures, Dr. Gloria Dunkin. Dr. Dunkin, who specializes in addiction psychiatry, is revered in the addiction treatment industry. Dr. Dunkin came to Futures with a devotion of her own for helping people in this life-saving and changing field. 

“The greatest satisfaction I have ever experienced is that of seeing my patients return for anniversary ceremonies celebrating their years of sober living. It is a testimony to the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and a reminder to me of the way in which the sound application of psychiatric principles can change lives for the better,” Dr. Dunkin said.

So what was so special to Koslow about Dunkin being the full-time medical director at Futures? Having known Dr. Dunkin for many years, Koslow knew that Dunkin would not affiliate herself with an addiction treatment center unless it was exceptional. As Koslow would learn over the next few months, Futures truly is exceptional. 

When asked about Dr. Dunkin, there is a twinkle of gratitude in her eyes, “When I learned Dr. Dunkin was the medical director, I knew Futures had to be special…because Dr. Dunkin is special. She has been in my life since I got sober. She is brilliant, passionate, dedicated, ethical, kind, compassionate, and will love you enough to tell you like it is! Anyone in Dr. Dunkin’s care is blessed…I know this because I was one of them.”

In addition, most addiction treatment centers do not invest in having full-time medical directors. They merely have medical directors who consult. Futures’ is different. This dedication to making their treatment center better became increasingly evident to Koslow.  This made her want to learn more about Futures and the outreach position. And what she found continued to excite her. 

Entering the lobby of Futures, Koslow was in awe. The larger than life artistic statue named “The Ascent”, where one person is reaching out to another to help them up, is symbolic of what Futures is all about. The calm and serene energy in the lobby is intrinsic to the essence of Futures.

“The initial experience upon entering Futures took my breath away,” Koslow remembered. 

Koslow recalled meeting with staff and patient’s alike during the interview process at Futures. She was duly impressed with the clinical team, the clinical program as well as the alumni program, Days of Ascent. The beauty and tranquility of the campus, the overall feeling, and most of all every person she met, whether staff or patient, just exuded positive energy. Without hesitation, Koslow accepted the position as Clinical Outreach Professional at Futures Recovery Healthcare. 

Futures’ Addiction Treatment: Digging Deep for Lasting Recovery 

“Futures’ clinical program is above and beyond any treatment program I’ve seen. And I’ve seen many,” Koslow explains.  “The entire team at Futures is keenly aware we have 30 days to make a real difference in the lives of our patients.  We work together with the patient to get to the underlying causes and conditions that lie beneath the surface of the addiction itself. We recognize alcohol and drugs are just a symptom of something much deeper that’s going on.” 

At Futures, we understand that real recovery begins when the patient successfully completes treatment and follows a clinically supported and rigorous aftercare plan. We understand that 12-step recovery is not for everybody. With this in mind, multiple paths to recovery are introduced to the patient while they are with us such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Celebrate Recovery, SMART Recovery, and Refuge Recovery. These options empower the patient to choose which path they are most comfortable taking.

Futures Recovery Healthcare—Kim Koslow: A Perfect Fit

Koslow is a perfect fit for the team at Futures. Bringing her heart and devotion to the table every day she goes above and beyond. She aims each day to make a difference in the lives of those she meets. 

And she is certainly making a difference. Her energetic, upbeat, and loving aurora are a bright beacon of hope for those still struggling —and to their families and loved ones. Koslow spends most of her time connecting with the alcoholic and/or addict and listening and educating family members and loved ones. And whether the individual is ready and willing to enter treatment or not doesn’t discourage Koslow.  While interventions are a big part of what she does at Futures she likes to think of them as conversations. 

She never gives up on people in need of treatment and continues to stay connected with them and their family members. She doesn’t give up because nobody gave up on her. When the time comes, she’s there to help them find the treatment they need and reclaim their lives. 

Koslow vowed back in 1999, when she herself was starting her recovery journey, that if she could get and stay clean and sober she’d dedicate her life to giving back and helping others stay clean and sober too.

“All I want to do in my life is make a difference for the better in someone’s life,” she explained. 

When asked what she sees in her future, Koslow’s big heart shines through, “Exactly what I’m doing today…how cool is that!” And then she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and says, ”I know God’s got a plan!”

If you or someone you love is living with active addiction, there is hope. Help is just a call away. Remember, you are not alone. There are people like Kim Koslow on your side. People who won’t give up on you. Futures is here for you too. Contact us confidentially online or call 866-724-4578.


Our team is here to guide you through your path to recovery.

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