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Everyone feels down and out at some point in their lives. Anyone who has been touched by addiction or alcoholism knows this feeling even more. If you or someone you love—or even someone you casually know—is living with substance use, mental health, behavioral health, or any other similar conditions, Futures Recovery Healthcare can help. 

At Futures, our commitment to the recovery community’s wellbeing and health extends far beyond the walls of our treatment facility. And far past the time when our clients leave our campus. We are committed to providing ongoing, extensive support and care to not only our alumni but also to anyone they care about. 

It is in this spirit and caring that we are excited to introduce our new and expanded Family and Friends Line and the #youcarewecare initiative. 

We get it. Day to day living can be tough—especially if you or someone you know or love is impacted with any type of mental health, behavioral health, or substance use issue. Today, our society is plagued by anxiety, depression, violence, sickness—of both the body and mind—and so much more. It’s difficult to know not only how to handle it all but also where to turn when you simply can’t handle it on your own. 

And you don’t have to go it alone anymore. 

Futures Helps You Help Others 

Futures knows that recovery and healthy living is a lifelong journey and we vow to be here for our clients, alumni, and their families every step of the way. Our Family and Friends Line extends this support to not only our alumni but also for anyone our alumni want to help.

Anyone living in recovery knows acutely how painful, hopeless, and full of despair life can sometimes be. This is particularly true when you are battling other issues like mental health or substance use problems. But, having lived through these desperate times and come out the other side, people in recovery are also in a unique position to help others. 

Many times those in recovery will find that others— family, friends, co-workers, and even acquaintances— find it easy to confide in them about their problems and concerns. And, many in recovery who feel they’ve been given a second chance at life want to go above and beyond to help. But it can be challenging to know what to do, where to send people, and how to help them. 

This is where Futures’ new Family and Friends Line comes in. All you have to do is give them our new business-sized Family and Friends Line card or dedicated phone number and tell them to call. Once they call us, our compassionate, knowledgeable team will get them connected to the best possible person or facility to help them. This is no longer limited to addiction issues. 

Now you can refer anyone in need of any type of behavioral health,  mental health, or substance abuse help. This means your cousin battling an eating disorder, your friend whose child is battling depression, your brother or sister who is off their psychiatric medication, your coffee barista who seems to be hungover and hopeless. Futures is committed to helping all those who our alumni want to help. 

You may wonder, how will this work? Doesn’t Futures only help with addiction issues? While currently, alcohol and substance abuse treatment is our primary focus, our team has long time established relationships with professionals across the nation with an array of specializations.  

Futures outreach teams’ connections and networks are far-reaching in both local and national communities. Our team members will leverage these connections with colleagues and other professionals to find each person who contacts us with the help they need. 

In addition, we have a dedicated phone number (866-289-7743) solely for this program. This line is staffed by members of our expert admissions team. They have the knowledge, experience, and resources to find help for various situations. 

Alumni Programs Helping Alumni, Family, and More 

Futures is unlike other addiction treatment centers and is devoted to providing unending and unwavering support to you, our alumni. Our new Family and Friends Line is another way we want to continue to help you. And to help you help others. 

Ryan Miller, Director of Alumni Services, is a prime example of how Futures staff is deeply committed to alumni. When talking about the new Family and Friends Line Miller explained it in this way, “We can help you help someone else. If you care about them, we care about them.”

There are many aspects of the treatment programs at Futures that sets us apart. Our alumni program is one of them. Our clients who complete clinical treatment don’t simply leave and go home unsupported. 

Starting with the day after our alumni clinically complete treatment our team calls. In fact, a dedicated member of the alumni team will call at least once a week to check-in and provide support and resources for the first month. Following that, for the next two months, our team connects with our beloved alumni every other week before moving to monthly calls. And it doesn’t stop there, we continue to check-in and provide ongoing support for years after clients leave our campus. 

Coining In at Futures 

At Futures, we innately understand that recovery is a lifelong journey and treatment is the only first step. This is evident from the day clients complete clinical treatment. At most treatment centers clients ‘graduate’ or ‘coin out’ after completing treatment programs. Futures has a Coining In ceremony

Our Coining In process is one of a kind. During this ceremony, our alumni team embraces clients and helps them learn about post-treatment services for ongoing support. This ceremony welcomes them into the Futures family and invites them to engage in all that life in recovery has to offer. 

COIN in ‘Coining In’ is an acronym reflecting Futures’ treatment approach:

C is for courage. This is facing life without substances, it takes courage. 

O is for open arms. Our caring staff is here to assist in the healing process and support your restoration of a healthy life in recovery. 

I is for investment. Going into treatment for addiction is an investment in oneself and Futures is invested in you. 

N is for a new life. Many in recovery feel they have been given a second chance at life and a new beginning. 

Days of Ascent—Alumni Support Above and Beyond Others

In addition to Coining In, our alumni enjoy our coveted Days of Ascent events. During this two-day event, alumni return to the Futures campus and become clients for the day. They receive recovery support and get to ‘turbo-charge’ their sobriety. They participate in clinical groups with current clients, listen to expert speakers share on important recovery topics, attend workshops, and also enjoy fun, sober outings. Alumni rave about this event which takes place throughout the year. 

These are just a few ways Futures is dedicated to our clients, alumni, and community. Our new Family and Friends Line is an extension of this commitment. If you know anyone who is in need of substance abuse, mental health, behavioral health, or any other type of similar support, reach out to Futures. You can contact us directly or simply share this number or card with the person or persons in need. If you are alumni of Futures email Ryan Miller at RMiller@futuresofpalmbeach.com to request Family and Friends cards. 

At Futures, we want to help as many people heal as possible—no matter what they need to heal from. Our dedicated outreach and admissions team will find the best possible place for anyone who reaches out to get the help they need —whether at our treatment center or elsewhere. No one has to go it alone. Futures is here to help. 


Our specialized staff stands ready to help you through this challenging time.

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