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At Futures Recovery Healthcare, every day is about putting our best face forward! As representatives of one of the best addiction treatment programs in the nation, employees at Futures, particularly the outreach and admissions teams, are the face of the program. The following reflections from Futures’ Community Outreach team member Stephen Watts, illustrates the dedication and commitment that is so unwavering at Futures. 

Watts reflects, “What are we selling when we say to someone, “we have excellent treatment at blah blah treatment program”?   Program staff and on the ground reps have been saying this and similar stuff for decades. It has become trite, cliche, and meaningless as far as useful descriptions of what goes on in a treatment program, good or bad.”

So what sets Futures apart? Many things, not only does Futures offer luxury rehab on a nine-acre all inclusive campus, all programs are specifically designed to meet the needs of different types of people in need of treatment. From the executive and athlete to the first responder and the stay at home mom, Futures has evidence-based programs that help people get – and stay – sober

Watts continues, “How can we best message our program as treatment that stands apart? How can we distinguish our clinical product from the herd? “We have trauma informed,  gender specific, dolphin assisted treatment tracks,” some well intentioned business development or outreach rep says. What does this even mean for our mostly uninformed public or other treatment professionals?”

“We have tools to help us. Websites, collaterals and tours all support our efforts to sell our treatment programs.  What really sells the public or the professional? Ourselves!,” Watts says.   

“We brand ourselves and then we attach that brand to our program. People do not refer to programs insomuch as they refer to other people they respect and trust. Authentic people. This is deceptively simple. We learn to sincerely and professionally “message” ourselves and our treatment program.”

Futures treats a variety of behavioral disorders. Alcohol use disorder (AUD), substance use disorder (SUD), and also mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. What sets Futures apart in addition to the programming is the deep level of compassion the staff is known for by any who have been there for a tour or treatment. 

“We sell human caring and for that reason are held to a higher standard of conduct. We work in a business, an altruistic business.” Watts explains, “We in this business development profession in the behavioral health field are required and expected to become expertly knowledgeable about our programs, what we are treating, and how we are treating it. This takes time, human interest and skill.” 

People respect and trust professionals who are honest and ethical,  but do not know if we are those things.  Watts talks about the importance of not only knowing the treatment programs inside and out but also about being authentic., “When we are knowledgable and sincere we make a lasting impression. That impression becomes unforgettable  when we show a heart of service, listen deeply to our customers and others, and engage them with respect and compassion.” 

Often these impressions and connections with others in need are what saves lives. 

Many at Futues in both the business side and in the treatment programs are pros in recovery.  And while the work of addiction treatment is not easy and requires a high-level of qualifications, the most important qualification is the desire and skill to develop deep relationships with others and to help them. 

Knowing what individuals with addiction issues need and want AND possessing the willingness to help them and their clients are hallmark tools of all Futures’ staff.  

“Everyone at Futures believes that all aspects of addiction treatmnt business is noble work. We are the faces of our treatment programs and the representatives of the recovery culture.” Watts said. 

If you or someone you love is looking for a caring, compassionate team and an evidence-based treatment program for addiction or other mental health disorders, Futures can help. Contact us online today or call 866-804-2098.


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