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Signs of Vicodin Abuse

Vicodin is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, and is commonly prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Very powerful and very effective, Vicodin is a commonly abused painkiller due in part to the ease of access with which most people can get the drug. Unfortunately, chronic abuse can lead to Vicodin addiction, and when addiction becomes an issue, a host of problems quickly follow. These may include:

  • Relationship problems at home
  • Interpersonal difficulties at work
  • Loss of employment
  • Difficulty finding or maintaining a new job
  • Financial hardship
  • Mental health symptoms
  • Worsened symptoms of co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Physical health problems

Signs of Vicodin Abuse

A prescription may seem to legitimize all use of Vicodin, but the fact is that it is possible to abuse the drug even when supervised by a doctor. How can you tell if your loved one is following their doctor’s orders and taking the medication as prescribed – or if Vicodin abuse is a concern? Some signs that your family member may be abusing Vicodin include:

  • Taking the medication without a prescription
  • Taking more than the doctor prescribed
  • Taking Vicodin in addition to sedatives, alcohol, marijuana, or other mind-altering drugs
  • Crushing the pills before taking them
  • Snorting or dissolving the crushed pills in water and injecting the medication

Additionally, abuse of Vicodin is indicated when a person routinely gets more pills through fraudulent means. That is, they may:

  • Physically alter a paper script so the dose or number of pills is higher than the doctor ordered
  • Take a paper script to multiple pharmacies and fill it repeatedly
  • Purchase extra pills or other opiate substances (including heroin) on the street to augment their Vicodin prescription
  • “Pill-seek” at the emergency room by presenting with fake symptoms of pain
  • Seek out illegal pain clinics or doctors that are loose with their prescription pads

The Time to Get Help Is Right Now

If Vicodin abuse is a growing issue in your family, you are not alone. Treatment can help stop a Vicodin abuse problem from turning into an addiction. Contact us at Futures now for more information about treatment services that can help your family begin the healing process.