Futures Recovery

Power of Medical Freedom

Patients benefit when doctors and healthcare professionals have complete clinical freedom and unfettered access to advanced diagnostic tools and interventions. Effectively treating addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders requires a level of intensity and coordination of medical and wellness services, psychotherapy, education, and aftercare demanded by few conditions. Most people will receive more personalized healthcare services during their time in residential addiction treatment than at any time in their lives.

At Orenda, the goal is to deliver maximum systemic benefit in the time we have together. To accomplish this, we envelop clients in a program of analysis, treatment, and wellness services that are informed by clinical innovation rather than insurance limitations. The latest whole-body diagnostics are used to gain actionable clinical insights. Promising medical technologies such as genomic testing and transcranial magnetic stimulation are available, and a wide range of world-class therapies are utilized to ensure that no barriers stand between Orenda clients and clinically recommended care.