Futures Recovery

History & Background

Coaching-in-Recovery-Jayson-WilliamsThe Rebound at Futures Program is modeled upon the experiences of Jayson Williams, NBA All-Star, author, and recovery advocate. Williams played for the Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers, and New Jersey Nets before suffering a career-ending injury and struggling with addiction and incarceration. With the support of NBA colleagues and friends, he entered recovery and dedicated his life to helping others. Williams created a treatment program modeled on his own path to recovery —one centered on deep personal empowerment, perseverance, motivational support, and learning. Taking lessons from his elite athletic training, Williams designed a program of intense physical exercise, inspirational leadership, and immersive adventure activities to help people surpass their perceived limitations to find inner power, resilience, and insight.

In the summer of 2019, Williams and the Rebound staff became part of Futures Recovery Healthcare. Joining Futures realizes William’s goal of offering clients exceptional medical and clinical care and allows Futures to offer experiential and adventure-based therapies to clients in all of its programs. Rebound at Futures clients must be medically cleared to participate and must complete detoxification and stabilization, if necessary, with Futures Recovery Healthcare. 

Today, Jayson Williams is an active member of the Rebound at Futures Team and plays a hands-on role in the program. Jayson shares his experiences and motivational coaching with Rebound clients, takes part in bible study and other aspects of programming and helps to energize and inspire each client’s path to recovery.