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Carly Michael, BS

Alumni Support Specialist

Carly Micahel graduated from the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2016. She always knew she would enter into the Psychological field as she grew up watching her family’s passion and advocacy for the mental health community. After several years of working in the behavioral healthcare field and being certified in Therapeutic crisis intervene and learning about improving mental health with adolescents, Carly decided to follow her passion of residential treatment becoming a mental health technician at Futures Recovery Healthcare.

Carly excels in her naturally ability to support and guide those with mental health and co-occurring disorders. In 2020, Carly was promoted into Lead Mental Health Technician in CORE programming and shined in her capacity to deliver exceptional patient care and efficient operational communications. She was identified as a Direct Care Supervisor in 2022 over the CORE program to lead others to deliver the same level of care and dedication she so passionately delivers.

Carly is also zealous in her devotion to at risk youth and animal rescue in her free time.

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