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Chris McClure, LMFTA, LCASA

Futures Recovery Healthcare Ambassador

Chris spent the first 20 years of his career supporting a large Analytics company develop and manage technology, services, and relationships with a large customer base. He was called slowly to service in mental health and addiction recovery after his developing story took a turn in 2012. After a long discernment he enrolled in school to work in mental health and substance abuse counseling, which he was licensed in North Carolina (LMFT & LCAS) in 2021.

He was drawn to Futures because of the opportunity to use some of his relationship skills and work for a truly comprehensive program that helps individuals as individuals. He believes true health, wellness, and recovery cannot be cookie-cut from a mold, and involves all aspects of one’s life. Chris has found Futures’ belief in these concepts very attractive.

Chris is married with 3 children, tries to stay involved in sports and recreation with them all, and thoroughly enjoys sports, yoga, fitness, retreats, hiking, and all things recovery and 12-step related.

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