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Dana Engel, LMFT

Clinical Support Specialist

Dana graduated from Florida State University with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Family and Child Sciences. After numerous experiences during her studies to discover her passions, she found herself interning at the Center for Couple and Family Therapy in Tallahassee, in which she gained passion for all aspects of therapy and the beauty it can help bring into people’s lives.

She then attended Nova Southeastern University and received her Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2019. She is currently a Family Therapy Ph.D. student at Nova Southeastern University and a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern hoping to dedicate her research to the substance abuse population by incorporating systemic family therapy approaches to increase long-term recovery rates. Her career experiences consist of working in treatment for registered sex offenders, the mental health population, and the substance abuse population where I have conducted group, individual, couples, and family therapy.

She looks at her post-modern, systemic clinical training as a tool to approach treatment and those struggling with substance use disorders from a less pathologizing to a more humanizing way. Dana looks forward to continuing her clinical growth with Futures!

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