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Gordon West, BS

SAMA Facilitator and Activities Coordinator

Gordon has worked for the last 10 years on educating himself and applying innovative, evidence-based therapeutic interventions as part of a multidisciplinary team. Gordon is interested in integrating neuroscience and technology with traditional therapeutic modalities to facilitate optimal outcomes for mental health and addictions treatment programs.

In addition to achieving his BS degree in human services addiction treatment, Gordon has been involved for the past decade with the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback and the Biofeedback Society of Florida. This has enabled Gordon to study with international pioneers and experts in his areas of interest including the use of quantitative EEG and neural stimulation, biofeedback and the treatment of addiction, the effects of excessive screen use on neural development, peak performance in sports as well as current and future evidence-based applications of brain-computer interfaces. Gordon was the recipient of the 2019 Michael Rothbard student scholarship award granted by the Board of Directors of the Biofeedback Society of Florida in recognition of his dedication to the study of psychophysiological therapeutic interventions.

Gordon enjoys the outdoors and fishing with friends, spending time with his mischievous rescue dog Dexter as well as gardening and cooking with his family.

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