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Kate Black Futures Recovery Healthcare

Kate Black

Outreach Professional

Kate has over 9 years of experience in the behavioral health care field and will leverage her professional skillset to cover outreach in the Northern Florida, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. markets. Her focus is engaging in community outreach, enhancing referent relationships, and enriching business development strategy.

After college and pursuing a successful career in entertainment filled with worldwide travel, Kate returned to her east coast roots to embark on a new professional path in addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare. Her passion for the field rests upon a belief that addiction can be overcome through education, awareness and comprehensive treatment.

Outside of her commitment to bring professional, caring people together, Kate enjoys the company of husband, John, and 100 pound rescue dog Mick “Jagger” in Vero Beach, Florida.

To contact Kate, please email kblack@futuresofpalmbeach.com

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