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Kwankila Corbin Futures Recovery Healthcare

Kwankila Corbin, BS

Human Resources Coordinator, Recovery Coach

Kwankila is the Human Resources Coordinator at Futures and received her BS in Social Science from Mercer University. She is a member of SHRM and has worked in the field of addiction treatment for 10 years, previously serving as: BHT, BHT Supervisor, Life Coach, Quality Assurance Assistant.

Ms. Corbin strongly believes in the idea of giving second chances in life. She lives by the famous quote from Maya Angelou, “You will face many defeats in your life but never let yourself be defeated”. She has been associated and volunteered with various community outreach programs from: Court Appointed Special Advocate; Ronald McDonald House Volunteer to volunteering in the Salvation Army.

With her intelligence as training coordinator, strong leadership skills, vast knowledge in quality and compliance, and expertise as a Human Resources Professional, her passion for assisting others has led her to build a reputation for assisting in developing business strategies. This includes incubating new business models and building out channeled organizational programs. Kwankila has had extensive training in: Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Social Work, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, Runaway Teens, and Depression.

"Team Work Makes the Dream Work."

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