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Lismari Garcia

Admissions Coordinator

Lismari is passionate about helping others, especially those struggling with mental health conditions and addiction. As an Admissions Coordinator, Lismari plays an important role in connecting people with the care they need to recover and lead fulfilling lives. She is dedicated to ensuring that each person who comes to Futures for treatment is treated with compassion and respect. Lismari understands that seeking treatment can be a difficult and vulnerable process, and she works hard to make the admissions process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, many people have been able to receive the help they need to overcome their struggles and begin their journey to recovery.

Lismari grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has always enjoyed spending time on the beach. In her free time, she also enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. Lismari is a mother of twin young boys, and her family is very important to her.

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