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Munico Lopez, LCSW, QS, MCAP

Primary Therapist, Specializing in Mental Health

Munico Lopez earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Family and Community Services from Villia Julie College and graduated Cum Laude in 2004. She later earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Barry University in 2007 and then moved on to earn her license. She is also a Master Certified Addictions Professional and a Qualified Supervisor.

Munico has over a decade of direct clinical experience working with individuals, adolescents , families, and groups. She has worked at all levels of care including inpatient care, intensive outpatient care, and private practice and has held several positions throughout her career including the clinical supervisor role of a co-occurring unit. Munico is passionate about people and relationships and believes that early life experiences help shape who individuals become in adulthood. She believes that human beings have a choice to continue a pattern of behavior and thinking that is self-destructive and unhealthy, or to create a better version of themselves while accepting and acknowledging who they are and how their early life experiences help shape who they become.

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