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Sean Navy

Admissions Specialist

Working at Futures has been a life changing experience for Sean and has put him on the path of helping others. Sean has served in various roles at Futures, working directly with our clients in our Resident Assistant Department, and now working closely with our clients and their families in our Admissions Department.

Sean served in the Navy for 4 years directly out of high school as an Operations Specialist and both of his parents, who met in the Navy, served as Hospital Corpsmen. His uncle also served in the Navy as an Information Systems Technician for 20 years. Sean’s military background has given him great insight into the adversity faced by our veterans that come into our Hero’s Ascent track at Futures. In addition to this, the struggles that Sean has faced in his own life has given him a unique understanding of the families and clients that we serve at Futures and he looks forward to continuing to learn and grow personally and professionally in his role.

In his free time, Sean likes to play and watch basketball, is a Miami Dolphins football fan, and enjoys playing video games. Sean has always been an adventurer and hopes to one day travel across the country with his beloved fiancé, Nikki, and son, Brodie. Growing up, Sean’s father always told him, ‘we may not be able to save the world all at once, but we can definitely make a difference one person at a time’. This has become Sean’s life motto and he is thankful for the opportunity to live this out in his role at Futures.

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