Multiple pathways to recovery from addiction, co-occurring mental health, and primary mental health conditions through evidence-based medicine, compassionate alliance, and individualized care.

residential and
detox program

Comprehensive and intensive dual-diagnosis residential addiction treatment program, delivering significant clinical hours-per-patient and integrated psychiatry, psychotherapy, physical therapy, wellness services, family programming, and alumni programming to help patients achieve a strong foothold in recovery and maintain a continuum of care.

comprehensive mental health program

High-quality, compassionate, and evidence-based residential mental health treatment for anxiety, depression, and mood conditions.

experiential program

An adventure-based experiential therapy program coordinating holistic clinical programming, outdoor adventures, group activities, fitness, and specialized curriculum. Well-suited to people who have not been helped by traditional therapy approaches, and those who gravitate toward an active daily schedule, adventures, and teamwork.

residential program

For individuals inextricably linked to a public persona, committed to high-demand occupations, and unable to remove themselves from the stressors and situations that trigger and perpetuate addiction and dysfunction. Concierge-level service, and programmatic flexibility provide patients with the most intensive and personalized care available.

For First Responders and Veterans

Hero’s Ascent at Futures focuses on identifying and addressing mental health conditions such as underlying trauma, chronic pain, addiction, and other issues shared by first responders and veterans. The program’s coordinated and personalized care plans incorporate medical treatment, psychiatry, individual and group psychotherapy, physical therapy, and wellness services.

A Community of Empowered Caregivers

Seeking treatment for behavioral healthcare takes courage. Yet by simply reading these words and thinking seriously about getting help for yourself or a loved one, you have taken the most crucial step toward finding life-saving recovery. At Futures Recovery Healthcare, our dedicated and compassionate team members are your staunchest advocates for healing and are fully committed to providing you and your family with a highly effective, comfortable and dignified treatment experience. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life which is why our fully credentialed and experienced staff provides unparalleled service to serve each person’s unique journey.

Specialized Treatments



Trauma plays a foundational role in the development of addictive behaviors and co-occurring mental health conditions because untreated traumatic events can create negative self-perceptions from which we feel the need to escape through self-medication. Futures’ Trauma Treatment focuses identifying and treating the traumatic life experiences that may trigger self-medication and mental health conditions as an essential part of effective treatment.

Chronic Pain

Pain can be a cause and result of substance use disorders. When undiagnosed and untreated, pain may lead people to self-medicate. Whether patients become dependent upon prescribed pain medications, alcohol, or use illicit drugs to sooth pain symptoms, Futures Pain Treatment team works with patients to minimize their pain, find healthy and enjoyable activities, and remain substance-free.


Futures’ Orenda team knows that helping active athletes maintain their training and fitness regimen can provide a sense of grounding comfort for patients and ensure that they are prepared to return to the field after treatment. Here, a team that has provided training and physical therapy to MLB, PGA, and more helps athletes heal and train while receiving comprehensive care for mental health and substance use disorders.

Our Approach

Chronic Disease Management

Recovery from addiction and mental health conditions requires diligence, support, and the ability to maintain secure housing, employment, and ongoing access to healthcare resources. Futures offers inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment to help patients achieve initial stabilization. Psychological and environmental factors are then addressed to enter a continuous process of integrated, proactive healthcare and disease management.

Individualistic Approach

Individualized care tailors treatments and services to a patient’s health needs. At Futures, we believe that the more personalized we can make our care plans, the more effective treatment can become. Targeted care plans work best when they meet physical, psychological, and emotional needs.

Integrated Holistic Care

Treating addiction and mental health conditions requires an exceptionally comprehensive range of therapies. Futures believes that treatment is most effective when these therapies are integrated into a highly coordinated range of patient services that work toward a common goal.

Evidence-Based Approaches & Innovation

Evidence-based approaches are those supported by empirical evidence and best practice. Therapies employed at Futures, such as dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, and others, are evidence-based therapies that have been proven to be effective psychotherapies for the treatment of addiction and mental health conditions.

Measurement-Based Care

At Futures, measurement-based care data is used to achieve highly personalized care. Information about individual patients is shared amongst the patient’s care team to continuously identify opportunities to target additional therapies and ensure that the current care plan is effective.

Specialized Therapies

Futures offers specialized treatments that focus therapies on mental health conditions, underlying pain, and trauma. Each of these specialized need sets requires dedicated services and increased emphasis on appropriate physical and psychological care. These programs are lead by skilled therapists and professionals with particular experience treating each condition.

Empowered Team Culture

Futures is a clinically-driven organization that fosters an inclusive and empowering culture. All Futures' Team members — from management to staff — are supported in their mission, galvanized around the central goal of compassionate and effective patient care, and empowered to make meaningful change.

Patient Service Focus

At Futures, service is foremost. Every Futures’ program and every member of the Futures’ team is committed to providing the highest quality of patient service to facilitate better care and positive treatment experience. Every member of the Futures’ team knows that each patient is a unique individual that is being treated for progressive and complex conditions.

Contact Us Today

Contact - Speak with An Admissions Professional

Please contact Futures now to seek treatment for yourself, a loved one, or a patient. Experienced admissions representatives are available to discuss your challenges confidentially and determine how we can help. Admissions staff will refer patients if another treatment provider better meets their needs.


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FL 33469

Futures Recovery Healthcare is located in Tequesta, a small city of 6,000 people near the northern border of Florida’s Palm Beach County. Its 9-acre gated campus provides a quiet and safe-haven for our patients.

What Patients and Professionals Are Saying

Chrissi, Alumna

The therapists, nurses, case managers and RA's made me feel cared for and safe when I was going through such a scary transitional period in my life.


I have worked with the staff at Futures for several years and I am continuously impressed with their professionalism and ability to meet the patient where they are...and I am always happy with the level of care they provide.

Tara, Alumna

Futures saved my life. I'm over two years sober and continue to utilize the tools they gave me in order to make every day count.


As a referring professional, I am very careful where I refer my patients. Futures is a quality program that is also very ethical and honest and always provides the best care possible to the individuals I refer there.

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