Treatment Philosophy Futures Recovery Healthcare

Treatment Philosophy

Futures Recovery Healthcare embraces the complexity of behavioral healthcare to empower recovery for patients and families.

Futures is a mission-driven organization that believes in providing intensive and coordinated evidence-based care to achieve better treatment outcomes. The program recognizes the significant complexity of substance use, co-occurring and mental health conditions and the importance of helping patients establish long-term approaches to maintain health and support recovery. Treatment at Futures helps patients establish a strong foothold in recovery and instills the idea that actively managing these chronic health conditions is a path to restoring an authentically healthful, productive, and joyful life.

Futures focuses on care quality and patient experience. Futures employs licensed clinicians experienced in treating individuals and families. The Futures’ management team fosters a positive patient-focused environment, prioritizes patient dignity and treatment efficacy, and strives to be exceptional contributing members of the treatment field.

Futures combines time-tested evidence-based therapies with innovative approaches. The program was among the first to integrate physical therapy into all patient care plans to address underlying pain and improve overall physical health. By developing specialized treatments for trauma, first responders and military veterans needs and underlying pain, Futures can better address drivers of behavioral healthcare conditions. Futures adapts to the changing needs of its patient populations and to advances in healthcare medicine to remain highly effective. The program uses measurement-based care to optimize individual and operational outcomes continually.

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