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People from around the country and the world rely on Futures to help them restore health and wellbeing and enter lasting recovery. patients and professionals share their views of the Futures Recovery experience.

Futures saved my life. I'm over two years sober and continue to utilize the tools they gave me in order to make every day count. The facility as a whole is beautiful and peaceful. The staff is incredibly kind, knowledgeable and there for all of the right reasons. They genuinely care about your recovery. They were able to get me back to being a mother and wife again...but the new and improved version. And my family and myself cannot thank them enough. I have recommended this facility to many people. If you want your life back, this is the place to go!


From the moment I arrived fresh from the hospital to the morning I got to go home, this experience changed my life. The therapists, nurses, case managers and RA's made me feel cared for and safe when I was going through such a scary transitional period in my life. I would highly recommend Futures to anyone looking to take control of their life back from their addiction. Sober and happy since 8/17/15.


I have worked with the staff at Futures for several years and I am continuously impressed with their professionalism and ability to meet the patient where they are. The campus is one of the more impressive residential programs in the country and I am always happy with the level of care they provide.


Futures is an excellent program that treats addiction as well as more complex mental health disorders. As a referring professional, I am very careful where I refer my patients. Futures is a quality program that is also very ethical and honest and always provides the best care possible to the individuals I refer there.


There is no other place I would recommend to anyone with an addiction problem. Futures is awesome and the people there actually care. 16 months later and they still call and make sure I’m doing good. Loved it there.


After experiencing the treatment program they offer at Futures of Palm Beach, I definitely feel confident expressing how pleased I was to have chosen this facility for my care towards my journey to recovery. The philosophies in place are the foundation of what a treatment center should be. They demonstrate efforts to support patients in every aspect of their care in an empathetic, consistent and supportive manner. In addition, they provide an Alumni program that exceeds quality in the after care phase which is imperative to maintaining sobriety and health. Futures is amazing!


What an AMAZING Treatment Center and Program ! I know many patients that have come to Futures of Palm Beach. They have been given life saving tools and have learned to utilize them in their new found recovery. I would recommend this program to anyone including my own family! Between the staff and this beautiful center you will have comfort in knowing your loved one will have the Best treatment available!


Futures of Palm Beach was the first step on my amazing journey. The program, the staff and the grounds were all amazing. I felt comfortable the entire time I was there and learned a lot about myself. Thank you Futures!


My life was in shambles when I called Futures of Palm Beach...My addiction was out of control and destroying everything around me. When I arrived at Futures I was welcomed with open arms into a wonderful facility and caring faculty...I owe my life to Futures and will recommend them to anyone that ever needs help that I encounter. Thank you everyone at Futures for everything.


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