Cost of Treatment Futures Recovery Healthcare

Cost of Treatment

The cost of providing the array of coordinated health services needed to treat addiction, co-occurring mental health conditions and primary mental health concerns effectively can be significant.

At Futures, we are committed to providing a high level of care and services that require a full-time staff of licensed medical providers, utilization of part-time specialized service providers, the operation of a nine-acre licensed medical facility including lodging, amenities, and full-service dining service, and round-the-clock support staff. Our outreach professionals and clinicians regularly travel to conferences and meetings at which they take part in ongoing education and learning experiences. We procure licensure and accreditation services and sponsor many specialized programs that make our program better. Futures also operates intensive outpatient programs and supports a range of continuing care options like telehealth, recovery coaching, and our Days of Ascent program. Maintaining and managing this well-resourced organization ensures our ability to deliver the exceptional care we insist on for our patients. It also requires significant resources.

Futures works hard to make effective treatment available and affordable to as many people as possible. By working with insurance providers as an out-of-network provider, and through efficient management of programs costs, Futures delivers an extraordinarily high level of coordinated, integrated care at a significantly lower price than comparable programs.

The cost of treatment at Futures varies depending upon the services each patient requires, programs of admission, which available wellness services they may elect to receive, the duration of stay, and other factors. Our insurance utilization specialists work with patient insurance providers to submit and manage claims and to advocate for patients. Patients arrange to pay for treatment not covered by insurance.

Futures strives to make its program accessible while maintaining the high standards of care quality that best serve its patient’s needs and make the best use of the critical opportunity to receive this life-saving care.

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