Referrals Futures Recovery Healthcare


Ensuring a good fit between patient needs and program capabilities is one of the best ways to improve treatment outcomes. When patients who call Futures have care needs or situations that would be better served by other providers, we attempt to refer those patients to appropriate care.

Not all treatment programs can treat all patients. The United States is home to thousands of specialized treatment milieus, each providing an environment and services that meet a particular set of patient needs. Programs are generally well-suited to meet the needs of one main patient population. Some programs offer separate programs, each of which serves a different population. Medical staff and clinicians are trained to deal with a range and acuity of conditions. Therapists are particularly adept at helping people of a certain age range or gender identity. The many nuances that make each treatment provider unique also give patients the ability to receive highly appropriate care.

Futures’ admissions staff, outreach specialists, and clinicians all play a role in determining whether the program is a good fit for prospective patients. When we believe that patients would benefit from our services and that we can meet their need, we proceed with the admissions process. When we find that patients would be better off with another program, we provide options and contact information for these alternatives. Futures’ staff members become familiar with many programs throughout the country specifically to know where to refer people with specific needs. Many of the patients who Futures welcomes have come to us through referrals from other treatment providers.

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