Days of Ascent Futures Recovery Healthcare

Days of Ascent

The Days of Ascent program takes place over two days and incorporates the monthly Florida alumni sober outing. The bronze statue displayed prominently in our main lobby inspires the name of the program. The 16-foot sculpture entitled “Ascent” shows two people, one at the top of an elevation with an extended hand reaching down to help up a still-climbing friend. Mutual aid and support are the embodiment of the Days of Ascent program. The sculpture also illustrates the importance of service. By helping the person below, an individual fortifies his or her own recovery.

Research shows that long-term recovery is correlated with long-term support. At Futures, we are committed to supporting our patients before, during, and after treatment, through an entire continuum of care. Our current patients experience first-hand what it is like to live in recovery. Through this process, they begin to develop new sober supports and gain tangible tools to continue ascending, post-treatment.

At the same time, our alumni can return to the safe, therapeutic environment that nurtured their early recovery. Alumni have the opportunity to share their experience, strength, and hope with patients, and recharge their recovery. Finally, Futures staff can share in the joy alumni bring when coming back to visit. Seeing alumni return to campus carrying a message of recovery helps to reinforce that treatment works and recovery is possible.

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