Futures Recovery Healthcare Family Mental Health Questionnaire

The following questionnaire asks specific and personal questions not only about the patient, but also you, the family member. Some questions may seem uncomfortable, some you may choose not to answer, some you may want to discuss with our Family Director verses in writing, and some may not apply whatsoever. Please understand that we are attempting to be as thorough as we possibly can, in order to assimilate as much information regarding the patient and family system, so that we can provide optimum care.

Often, we are asked, “Why the focus on me, I am not the patient?”… Futures Recovery Healthcare operates from the recovery belief that:

“The patient is the family”

As the mental health assessment and wellness process proceeds with your loved one, you will be more engaged in the education and needs for continuing care for the family. As you possibly have learned and experienced as your loved one entered treatment, the patterns and dynamics that exist within the family system has been significantly influenced by the mental health conditions. These influences are sometimes either subtle or glaring and hard for a family member that is living within the system to recognize. Many of the questions that follow will assist in beginning to provide some clarity to the origin and extent of these influences.

Please feel free to contact our Family Program Coordinator, Daniel R. Perzanoski, CSAC, at: DPerzanoski@futuresrecoveryhealthcare.com with any questions you may have, not only about the questionnaire, but anything regarding family recovery.

Futures Recovery Healthcare Staff


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