Pool for Orenda clients at Futures Recovery Health


The Mental Health Program at Futures occupies the second floor of our 118,000 square foot facility. This dedicated wing includes a dedicated nursing station and medical suite that enhances patient privacy, separate from all other Futures’ programming.

The Futures Recovery Healthcare Mental Health Program is designed to make the process of participating in our intensive holistic clinical and wellness therapies as convenient, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. Futures’ patients receive a high number of individual and group therapy hours, receive medical checks, and participate in recreation, self-care, and wellness activities throughout their stay. Time here is spent receiving high-quality care. Leisure, fun, and connecting with peers within the Mental Health Program are also important for our patients.

Schedules include a balance of intensive clinical work and opportunities to heal through wellness activities, recreation, and connecting with the treatment community.

Finding a balance between the work of treatment and enjoying life is helpful for patients learning to free themselves from the symptoms of mental health conditions. All patient suites offer private bedrooms and bathrooms, television, internet, and a shared common space. Private single suites are also available.

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