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Aftercare Planning

Mental health disorders are chronic medical conditions that require ongoing care. Like many chronic illnesses, these conditions can be effectively managed with appropriate medical and psychotherapeutic support and regular self-care. Having a long-term care team in place and keeping regular appointments with them increases the chances that clients will successfully manage their conditions and maintain a high quality of life. 

Aftercare planning establishes a patient’s ongoing care once they have completed the Futures Mental Health Program. Futures care team members identify the types of treatment each patient needs and appropriate providers in their home communities. Multiple considerations go into recommending aftercare treatment providers including, provider specialty, a patient’s insurance plan coverage, appointment convenience and accessibility, and more. In many cases, Futures will contact ongoing care providers to ensure that they accept new patients, make introductions, and transfer client records with client approval.

Aftercare planning creates a seamless continuity of treatment to help patients get the medical care they need, feel supported, and continue making progress after leaving treatment at Futures.

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