Community of Care

Experiencing mental health conditions can be deeply trying for patients and their loved ones. The symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood, and thought disorders can make people feel isolated, afraid, and out of control. Untreated mental health conditions can lead to loneliness, reduced engagement with work, social, and family life, lack of exercise and good eating habits, and reduced physical health. Fortunately, treatment is highly effective at helping to reduce and manage symptoms and restore quality of life.

Human connection and support play crucial roles in treating and managing mental health conditions and maintaining a positive outlook. The Futures Mental Health Program strives to establish a strong therapeutic alliance between caregivers and patients and facilitate positive connections between patients. Community life is an integral part of our program.

A significant portion of treatment takes place in group settings, and clients are encouraged to spend time with peers when not engaged in treatment. Finding commonalities with people facing similar challenges, seeing how others maintain highly functional lives while managing their conditions, and seeing one another make progress can be deeply encouraging.

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