Mental Health Overview

Living with untreated mental health conditions can be a profoundly difficult and deeply isolating struggle. Empathizing with the dense fog of depression, intense dread of anxiety, and extreme state-changes of bipolar disorder can be almost impossible for people without these conditions. The persistent, pernicious symptoms of these conditions can be debilitating and feel insurmountable. People struggling with mental health conditions and those who care for them can take comfort in the fact that treatment can be highly effective. Evidence-based psychotherapies, lifestyle modifications, and medications can dramatically reduce mental health condition symptoms and allow people to regain quality-of-life and peace-of-mind.

Effectively treating mental health conditions can dramatically enhance life for individuals and families by restoring function, hope, and well-being. Futures Recovery Healthcare provides a coordinated program of individual and group therapy, psychiatry and medication management, and holistic health services to address mental health conditions.

High Quality Treatment and Medical and Clinical Leadership

Effectively treating mental health conditions and helping people learn to manage conditions long-term takes high-quality, evidence-based psychotherapy, psychiatry, and case management. Futures employs a team of talented, licensed care providers, including specialized medical doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, case managers, and wellness professionals. This experienced and credentialed team collaborates to provide effective and coordinated care and help patients minimize and manage their ongoing mental health symptoms.

Futures holds itself to the highest quality standards and works hard to help patients, families, and referring professionals feel confident in choosing this program. Futures is licensed, accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s largest medical accrediting body, and meets the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) standards for residential care.


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