Who We Treat

The Futures Recovery Healthcare Mental Health Program provides residential treatment for adults 18 years of age and older experiencing depression, anxiety, personality and mood disorders, and thought disorders. Residential treatment benefits individuals by providing intensive clinical services, supervision to reinforce safety, observed medication management, and a group therapy setting. Futures’ tranquil, safe, and comfortable treatment campus helps patients find the time and space to relax and focus on wellness. 

This program may be the first mental healthcare experience for some patients. Others may have been treated by private practice therapists or taken part in outpatient treatment programs. No matter a patient’s treatment history, the skilled Futures treatment team helps patients learn about their conditions, benefit from attentive psychotherapy and psychiatry, and learn effective coping skills to manage their symptoms more effectively.

The Futures Recovery Healthcare Mental Health Program is a safe and healing environment for physically and psychiatrically stable adults. Patients may need to complete acute psychiatric care before receiving treatment at Futures. Certain conditions, including eating disorders or psychosis discovered during intake or throughout a client’s treatment stay, may require being referred for specialized treatment.

Futures Recovery Healthcare is a welcoming, caring, and supportive community. We strive to maintain a positive and productive therapeutic environment in which patients and staff enjoy interacting with and learning from one another. Patients can expect to feel at home, at peace, understood, and part of a team.

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