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The emotions, behaviors, and resources that often accompany power, success, and societal status can create an environment ripe for substance use disorder. Futures has identified the need to extend its specialty programming to simultaneously exceed the elevated standards of, and address the unique challenges to recovery for, this select community of individuals and families. 

For high profile clientele, residential treatment can be a difficult commitment. Whether there are concerns about privacy, business, training and performance schedules, or the demands of a busy life at home, Orenda strives to ease these concerns and remove what barriers stand between you and a life of wellness. This transformational program will allow clients to address their whole health needs in one location, providing privacy, exceptional medical and clinical care, and unparalleled customer service in a setting conducive to recovery. Because we utilize a holistic approach, we can truly offer a customized treatment plan to maintain optimal wellness.

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As with our core clinical programming, we believe everything begins with the team. The collective years of relevant experience serving this population on the Orenda clinical, medical, and service teams create a distinct capability to collaborate to achieve desired outcomes.

The Orenda team will research and leverage the most recently available techniques that have positive indicators and integrate them appropriately to cases where the team believes the impact will be lasting. In practice, there will a push to achieve equilibrium between innovation and efficacy.

An atmosphere of connected trust is promoted by the intimate size of the program and reinforced by the discretion, training and experience of the Orenda team. The purpose is to establish private connections through every word and interaction with clients, families, and groups.

This rapport is vital to navigating clinical barriers and ensuring the Orenda program remains adaptive to the demands of the individual’s professional and personal life. More simply stated, the program allows for structural freedom without jeopardizing the required self-investment in the process.

Orenda presents the unique opportunity to simulate, then immerse, clients in high-trigger environments with clinical guidance. These clinical exercises and processing sessions will develop and reinforce tangible skills to navigate those circumstances successfully.


Each client in the Orenda program will have their own suite, including private bath, lounge area, eat in breakfast nook, and individual work space. All suites are equipped with WiFi and cable TV.

While for the most part Orenda clients will be in their own wing of Futures, some of the areas will be shared with the entire Futures community. These areas include the pool, gym, game room, library, smoking areas, and some of the therapy rooms.

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Our distinguished team has decades of combined expertise working with this particular population. While the particular lifestyle of this demographic may have provided insulation from the more obvious consequences of a substance use disorder, the medical, physiological, and spiritual implications of the disease remain profound. It is our commitment to provide concentrated, evidence based, effective treatment to get you back to your optimal self.

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