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Continuing Care & Alumni Programming

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Making the transition from the safe and supportive environment of Orenda to life after treatment is a crucial step. To help each patient make a smooth and safe return to home-life, Orenda crafts a personalized aftercare plan that specifies the treatment, services, care providers, and resources in the patient’s home community that will provide the recommended regimen of ongoing care needed to sustain good health and support lasting recovery.

Orenda aftercare plans recognize the important role that family members can play in supporting their loved one’s recovery, and the support or care that they may require. We also coordinate planning with the patient’s care team of physicians and specialists.

Some people — especially those in early recovery — may benefit from the services of a professional sober companion. Sober companions are specially trained individuals who help people in recovery follow their treatment plans, refrain from substance use, and generally provide positive support. Companions can accompany their patients to events, provide support at home, and provide virtual support services. Sober companions can also stay in contact with the patient’s care team to ensure ongoing progress or suggest that a higher level of care is required. Orenda helps patients find an appropriate sober companion service and communicates with the service to help them understand how best to support their patient’s needs. 

Technology can help some people stay on the path to recovery. Many patients recovering from problematic alcohol use choose to use Soberlink®, an internet-connected breathalizer tool that can help patients and caregivers reduce the likelihood or severity of relapse through increased accountability. Orenda helps patients procure and learn to use the Soberlink device and service. Orenda alumni are offered 60 days of complimentary service upon successful completion of the program. E-home therapy is another technology-assisted support that allows alumni to receive ongoing psychotherapy and access to a recovery resource library from the comfort of home. Orenda alumni are offered 8 complimentary E-home telehealth sessions. Patients can choose to continue utilizing telehealth if it is clinically recommended and the patient finds the virtual meeting format effective.

Orenda alumni are welcomed to the Orenda alumni family through the following activities:

  • Individualized “Coining In” session
  • Individualized discharge process session
  • Transport to recovery support meetings

Orenda alumni are part of a positive, tight-knit community of support. In addition to our flagship Days of Ascent events, patients who complete the program are invited to partake in Orenda-specific alumni programming, including retreats, meetings, and outings.

All Orenda alumni are regularly followed up with by a dedicated master’s level clinician who functions as a recovery coach. Orenda alumni are provided a dedicated phone number for support 7-days a week, post treatment.

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