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Excursions remind us how to experience natural joy, uncover new insights, and provide a respite from the rigors of clinical work. Orenda patients may opt for several outdoor activities during their stay ranging from guided offshore fishing trips to sailing, and more. 

When viewed through a therapeutic lens, activities and recreation are about more than having a good time. The role of excursions in treatment is to help us better understand how we perceive and interact with ourselves and others. Whether taking part in a team activity or going solo, taking time to reflect upon our internal dialogue and outward interactions can identify areas of progress and opportunity. 

Outings can be a beneficial part of a holistic treatment plan. The actions, behaviors, and beliefs that we exhibit while engaging in excursions provide valuable information to the patient’s care team. It is especially helpful when adventure activities help us safely leave our normal comfort zone. Using our responses to activities can discover unaddressed anger, mistrust, and fears that can help therapists hone treatments and curriculum. Uncovering the joys and wonder of the natural world helps us remember the authentic pleasures without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Sometimes, taking part in off-campus excursions is simply a welcomed change of pace and respite from Orenda’s rigorous clinical programming. 

Some of the activities Orenda patients enjoy include:

  • Golf at our world-class local clubs
  • Strolling through our nearby museums and art galleries
  • Polo and visits to the International Equestrian Center
  • Taking in the area’s many festivals
  • Parasailing
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayaking
  • Catamaran cruises
  • Spa visits
  • Shopping on the world-renowned Worth Avenue

Activities and excursions can be suited to each patient’s tastes and interests. Seasons, weather, and availabilities determine which activity availability. Patients meet with the Orenda concierge to arrange activities and coordinate them with the patient’s treatment schedule.

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