Dr. Gloria Dunkin speaks with client

Four Pillars of Care

The disease of substance use disorder affects the mind, brain, and body. Organ function, metabolism, digestive health, neurochemistry — even our genetic makeup — can be impacted by long-term substance use disorders. Treating the interconnected physical and psychological symptoms of substance use disorder reduces the reasons we self-medicate and removes barriers to long-term recovery.

Orenda’s four pillars of integrated care promote total health to establish a strong foundation in recovery.

Medical services provide safe detoxification and stabilization, and treat underlying conditions to alleviate pain, improve overall functioning, and support a positive outlook.

Clinical neuropsychology and psychotherapy assess and improve cognitive function, educate, and build resilience.

Neurorestorative care retrains maladaptive brain patterns to better recognize triggers and promote positive behaviors.

Wellness programming that includes physical care, physical fitness, nutritional counseling, hypnotherapy, bodywork, and mindfulness practice unifies mind and body healing and restores spiritual connection.

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