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Wellness Programming

Reasserting control over our thoughts, behaviors, and responses to stress returns personal freedom and the ability to experience authentic joy. Spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being are deep sources of solace, purpose, and comfort that support a life of sobriety and meaning. Orenda considers wellness services essential components of effective treatment.

Personalized physical therapy and fitness training reduces pain and optimizes exercise to rebuild strength. Heart rate variability training improves autonomic nervous system response, and sleep coaching helps patients realize the many benefits of high-quality sleep. Therapeutic massage, yoga, and acupuncture reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and trauma. Hypnotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, and eastern medicine practices teach self-healing skills and renew the power of spiritual connectedness.

Learning to enjoy life in a safe, sober, and supportive environment builds resilience and relationships. Orenda patients can take part in golf and spa services at nearby clubs, and staff-supervised ocean kayaking, polo, fishing, parasailing, and snorkeling excursions. Trips to the area’s beautiful museums, lighthouses, and events provide stimulation and sober socialization.

Patients wishing to maintain peak athletic performance, continue an exercise regime, or improve physique can receive professional training at Orenda’s well-equipped and expertly-staffed fitness center or other local facilities. Orenda will adjust therapy schedules to accommodate training and arrange appointments and transportation to and from professional training partner locations.

Available wellness services include:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Nutritionist
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Mindfulness
  • Eastern medicine practices such as cupping, chakra balancing, tai chi, and holistic pelvic care
  • Heart rate variability training
  • Virtual reality training
  • Sleep coaching – a holistic approach, examining lifestyle habits and home environment to create a personalized plan to get you through the night

As transformation takes root in the individual, our experience has been that with the improved clarity comes a renewed desire to explore things in life that were out of reach or had little effect to produce joy. The goal of any wellness offering within Orenda is to reinforce the emotions and feelings of healthy pleasure to promote a better sense of self and prove that pure joy is attainable from sources rather than substances. What we enjoy cultivating is an environment that fosters the gravitation of patients to new experiences or the reconnection to prior activities that improve self-confidence, power, and performance.

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