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Orenda Full Circle Assessments

Holistic health assessment and expert interpretation to empower planning, wellbeing, and systemic change.

Holistic health assessments have the power to transform our lives. Given the right information, caregivers can provide targeted therapies, services, and advice that arrest disease, reduce or eliminate the symptoms of chronic conditions, extend longevity, inform decisions, and dramatically improve the overall quality of life. Insightful assessments can also reveal and unravel complex behavioral, relational, and physiological issues that can be hidden sources of debilitating mental health conditions.

Today’s health-conscious consumers understand that information is the key to unlocking far-reaching health benefits for themselves and their loved ones. For better or worse, patients use the internet to research symptoms, seek out nontraditional therapies, review treatment provider ratings, and more. However, a growing number of people realize that the most vital health information is not on the internet but within us.

The number of people switching to concierge doctors, physicians who spend more time with patients and use comprehensive screenings, is growing three to six percent annually. Others seek out specialized services and consultants who conduct private assessments that yield a trove of personal health metrics never before accessible — information with uses far beyond healthcare.

Data is only as useful as our ability to act upon it, and test results often raise more questions than they answer. Expert council is required to turn insights into action, and no one caregiver or professional offers the breadth of knowledge and experience that a cohesive team can bring.

Orenda at Futures is a specialized behavioral healthcare provider offering personalized holistic health assessments and the perspectives needed to turn data into decisions. While Orenda is one of the country’s premier concierge mental health and substance use disorder treatment programs, it also provides thorough health assessments as a stand-alone service. Assessment is core to Orenda’s work. Helping individuals and families address complex health conditions requires a foundational knowledge of each patient’s histories, physical

and mental health, relationships, work and life stressors, nutritional status, executive function, and more. The use of biopsychosocial assessment is the bedrock of behavioral healthcare and is essential to informing an individualized continuum of care. Orenda is unique in its ability to combine comprehensive diagnostics and psychometric testing to develop an informative picture of patient health.

Full Circle Assessments are designed to provide a broad range of useful information that clinicians and patients can use to identify opportunities and develop strategies.

  • Personalized psychiatric evaluations
  • Comprehensive labs
  • Biopsychosocial assessment
  • Advanced neuropsychiatric testing
  • Substance use disorder evaluation
  • Process disorder evaluation (sex, gambling, internet, shopping addictions)
  • Nutritional and eating disorder screening
  • Full medical history and physical
  • Chronic pain assessment
  • Wellness and physical therapy screening
  • Acupuncture assessment
  • Family system analysis
  • Trauma screening
  • Brain mapping (qEEG)
  • Pharmacogenetic testing
  • Access to mutual support groups (AA, NA, SMART, CODA, ACOA)
  • Opportunity to attend psychoeducational groups

Full Circle patients have access to physical therapy, heart rate variability training, acupuncture, massage, yoga, hypnotherapy, sleep training, IV therapy, and concierge services to make the experience as beneficial and comfortable as possible. The Orenda campus offers private suites with housekeeping, pool, tennis, volleyball, onsite gym, and plentiful relaxation and privacy.

Orenda Full Circle Assessments are as informative as they are enjoyable. Patients spend four to five days at the Orenda campus, a nine-acre, private medical facility located in Tequesta, Florida. Patients receive a highly personalized array of testing and assessment, meet with experienced, licensed clinicians, therapists, and service providers, and enjoy exercise, delicious and nutritious meals, and comfortable amenities.

Full Circle Assessments offer patients the ability to untangle complex issues and determine the range of options that may produce the best outcomes or most impact one’s quality of life. The information produced during the assessment can be used by the patient, their loved ones, and their care and professional service providers to make lifestyle changes, address personal health, improve relationships, adjust financial plans, and more.

Orenda’s doctors, clinicians, and support staff are an experienced team of experts that objectively and compassionately evaluate each patient’s overall health and help them make goal-oriented decisions. Orenda team members are also highly collaborative and regularly work with a patient’s primary care doctors, financial planning professionals, family lawyers, wellness service providers, and other trusted confidants to achieve a comprehensive health approach. Orenda can also connect patients to the providers and resources in their home communities, offering the care and wellness services needed to optimize health.

Download the Orenda Full Circle Assessments brochure.

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