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Orenda Perspectives

Orenda team members are among the most experienced in their respective fields. This group of medical providers, psychotherapists, physical therapists, and wellness experts works closely together bring decades of experience to bear for clients, families, and healthcare partners. Here, team members share insights to help referring professionals better understand some of the issues the Orenda program is best suited to address. 

Terry Macho Orenda Futures Recovery Healthcare

Older Adults

Primary Therapist Terry Macho explains why Orenda is ideally-suited to treating dual-diagnosis disorders among older adults

Ahmed Rashwan Orenda Futures Recovery Healthcare

Wellness Services

Director of Wellness Services, Dr. Ahmed Rashwan, discusses the role and importance of wellness services in the treatment of substance use and mental health conditions at Orenda.

Family Therapy

Amy Effman, LMFT, MCAP, comments on the use of postmodern family therapy approaches to make Orenda’s family programming more inviting and successful.

John Egan Headshot

Wealth and Wellness

John Egan, BA, CADC, Orenda Clinical Outreach Professional, talks about mental health risks faced by wealthy individuals and families, and the role financial professionals can play in helping clients find treatment and recovery.

Beneficiary Mental Health

Amy Effman, LMFT, MCAP, co-authors an article in Wealthmanagement.com discussing the importance of considering the mental health of beneficiaries for wealth managers.