Patient and Professional Privacy

Orenda takes the privacy of patients and care-team partners seriously.

We understand that Orenda patients appreciate discretion and that seeking treatment for substance use and mental health conditions, like all medical care, is a private matter between patients and their care professionals. We also know that privacy and discretion contribute to one’s senses of security, safety, and openness that can make treatment more comfortable and effective.

Orenda is situated on a dedicated floor of the gated Futures Recovery Healthcare facility, and Orenda patients enjoy private accommodations and facilities. Patients can access Orenda through a private entrance, and elevator access is keycard-restricted. The Orenda program offers a private dining room, separate business center, and a concierge to help patients coordinate treatment and outing-related arrangements.

Orenda patients have access to numerous off-site excursions and outings, as well as additional specialized treatment resources and wellness service. Patients are discretely transported and accompanied to their appointments and recreational activities by Orenda staff members using unmarked luxury vehicles.

Orenda staff may communicate and collaborate with other patient care providers and retained professionals at the discretion of the patient to provide appropriate information. Staff may also communicate with employers, boards, licensing authorities, and other entities to support patient needs. In all cases, patient privacy and involvement are paramount.

At Orenda, the primary care and concierge doctors, private-practice therapists, interventionists, and other colleagues who refer patients to our care are considered part of the team. We welcome opportunities to communicate appropriately with our referring professional partners to ensure the continuity of high-quality patient care.

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