Futures Recovery

Orenda Medical & Neurorestorative Programming

Our team of medical professionals lead all decisions and administer care directly on-site during both the detoxification and residential phases of treatment, with the goal of minimizing discomfort while keeping safety, health and well-being paramount. In addition to the delivery of sound medical care, all patients are monitored closely – we are cognizant of achieving balance with an individual’s right to privacy and with protecting their safety throughout treatment, especially through the initial protocol. All medications are dispensed by our team of licensed nurses as directed by medical leadership to minimize any symptoms of withdrawal.

Neurorestorative Programming

A key element of the Orenda program is our advanced neurorestorative programming. Substance use disorders are chronic conditions that can affect the delicate chemistry of the brain, and the viscious cycle of continued use can amplify any physiological damage. Orenda seeks to develop a comprehensive picture of the mind and body, understand any abnormalities, and therapeutically repair and restore those vital connections. Some of the available techniques that may be recommended include:

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  • Neurofeedback training
  • Light/sound sessions
  • Brain mapping
  • Cognitive rehabilitation lab

Nursing Care

Throughout all stages of addiction treatment nurses play a critical role. With patient safety being our top priority we ensure a robust medical staff to patient ratio. From the initial assessment to oversight and completion of medical detox, our highly skilled nursing team will remain by each patient’s side, offering medical expertise and compassionate care, for the entirety of their stay.

Our nursing team partners closely with the medical team and the treatment team consisting of those in key clinical roles to assess, monitor, and assist in all areas of treatment at Orenda. When necessary our nursing team will follow up with previous medical care providers to ensure that all services rendered are the best fit for each patient and that there is no lapse in medical treatment. Our unique structure, highly trained nursing team, and our commitment to the highest quality of individualized care for each patient will assist in establishing a solid foundation in the beginning stages of each individual’s recovery.


In our effort to balance innovation with efficacy, Orenda will leverage pharmacogenomic testing when possible to enhance the delivery of appropriate medication thereby improving overall health.  This relatively new field combines two well established sciences, pharmacology and genomics, to better predict an individual’s medication response through careful screening of a person’s genetic makeup and using those specific genetic markers to suggest dosages, medications, and risks for adverse reactions. This field and testing seeks to eliminate the trial and error process of dispensing multiple medications, and instead identifies the best first option up front for each patient. This can make the road to recovery much smoother for those battling depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, and other related conditions.

IV Infusion Therapy

At Orenda, we have partnered with Dr. Matteo Rosselli, D.O. to provide intravenous “IV” infusion services to ensure the safest and most effective treatment for mild to moderate dehydration and vitamin depletion caused by either alcohol overconsumption, physical overexertion, extensive travel, stress, or a host of illnesses. With over two decades of experience as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Rosselli has witnessed the extraordinary benefits of intravenous hydration treatments firsthand. His specially-formulated treatments as well as his highly-innovative customized treatments for pre-/post-operative procedures have been so beneficial for his own surgical patients that he was inspired to bring these treatments to non-surgical candidates.

This minimally invasive process delivers vitamins, various supplements, and medication into the blood stream intravenously. This hydrates the body and fights against common ailments. This can enhance the body’s ability to perform athletically; promotes healthy aging and overall wellness, and boosts the immune system. IV infusion bypasses the gastrointestinal tract which increases the absorption and potency of the delivered formula. All treatments are administered by experienced, board-certified physicians and registered nurses, ensuring both safety and comfort.

Preventative, Primary Care & Health Maintenance

Preventative medical care can be difficult to prioritize amongst the demands and responsibilities of day to day life, especially for executive level individuals. Our medical staff partners with trusted local medical experts to streamline supplemental health screenings and primary care processes by offering a personalized menu of services that each person can choose from that suits their schedule and needs.

This all-encompassing, one stop shop approach offers a simpler way of promoting long-term wellness and preventing future health problems. A major component to this component of the program is the guarantee of prompt availability of services when a potential problem is identified.

The medical assessment protocols of Orenda can be supplemented with the core services below:

  • Bone densitometry
  • Mammogram
  • Gyn exam
  • Fundus photography
  • Spirometry
  • Chest x-ray
  • Body composition, nutrition consult
  • Audiogram
  • Exercise stress test
  • Electrocardiogram

Additional services available:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Stress echocardiogram
  • CT coronary angiography
  • Total body scan
  • Carotid artery ultrasound
  • Ultrasound abdominal aorta
  • CT chest without contrast (screening)
  • Coronary calcium scoring
  • Dermatology consult
  • International travel clinic consult
  • V02Max
  • Non nnvasive vascular screening
  • HIV antibodies test