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Succeeding in recovery often necessitates fundamental changes to lifestyle, surroundings, and relationships. Orenda is designed to help those for whom these changes can be especially difficult. We facilitate recovery in-place for individuals and families inextricably linked to a public persona, committed to high-demand occupations, and unable to remove themselves from the stressors and situations that trigger and perpetuate addiction and dysfunction. While Orenda patients have the resources to roam the world, they frequently lack the freedom to escape their expectations and the demands of their everyday lives. Resilience is essential when learning to live in sobriety amidst stresses and triggers. The necessities and trappings of performance, travel, entertaining, and public life, expose us to emotions, relationships, and situations that can exacerbate the desire to self-medicate or engage in harmful behaviors. Maintaining a demanding lifestyle while sustaining healthy recovery is possible with specialized treatment, education, and support services that reduce the likelihood of relapse and reinforce a life-long commitment to good health. Orenda coordinates intensive medical, clinical, neurorestorative, and wellness interventions to build a strong foundation of holistic mental, physical, and spiritual well-being to restore positive outlook, and empower lasting recovery.

Power of Medical Freedom

Patients benefit when doctors and healthcare professionals have complete clinical freedom and unfettered access to advanced diagnostic tools and interventions. Effectively treating addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions requires a level of intensity and coordination of medical and wellness services, psychotherapy, education, and aftercare demanded by few conditions. Most people will receive more personalized healthcare services during their time in residential addiction treatment than at any time in their lives.

At Orenda, the goal is to deliver maximum systemic benefit in the time we have together. To accomplish this, we envelop patients in a program of analysis, treatment, and wellness services. Promising medical technologies are available, and a wide range of world-class therapies are utilized to ensure that no barriers stand between Orenda patients and clinically recommended care. Orenda offers: privacy and discretion, 5 star service, bespoke treatment planning, neurorestorative care, bio chemical restoration  (iv therapy), functional medicine, family specialist, integrated team, medical and clinical expertise, trauma interventions (EMDR, brain spotting), carde of clinical specialists, genetic testing, brain mapping and neurofeedback, culturally competent teams, collaboration with patients referring/home providers.

Business meeting and high trigger environmentsAbout Orenda

The emotions, behaviors, and resources that often accompany power, success, and societal status can create an environment ripe for substance use disorder. Futures has identified the need to extend its specialty programming to simultaneously exceed the elevated standards of, and address the unique challenges to recovery for, this select community of individuals and families. 

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