Our Approach Futures Recovery Healthcare

Our Approach

Futures approaches the treatment of behavioral healthcare and co-occurring physical conditions as chronic medical problems requiring comprehensive and integrated care and a lifetime of self-management. Our system of care is designed to give adult patients a solid foundation in recovery and the tools they need to continue to maintain recovery and mental and physical well-being. Every member of the Futures’ team is a compassionate advocate for patients.

Futures works with patients to manage their healthcare following initial treatment by establishing a coordinated continuum of care. Connecting patients with specialized care providers, support groups, counselors, alumni, and other resources creates a bridge to independent living and lasting recovery.

Complexity of Behavioral Healthcare

Addiction and its co-occurring mental health conditions are some of the most profound and complex healthcare problems facing individuals, families, and society.

The Futures Recovery Healthcare Approach

Chronic Disease Management

Addiction and substance use disorder is a chronic condition that requires a continuous process of integrated, proactive healthcare and ongoing disease management.

Chronic Disease Management Futures Recovery Healthcare

Individualistic Approach

Individualized care tailors treatments and services to a patient’s health needs. We believe that the more personalized we can make our care plans, the more effective treatment can become.

Integrated Holistic Care

Addiction affects multiple aspects of physical and mental health in ways that other conditions do not and therefore treatment requires an exceptionally comprehensive range of therapies.

Integrated Holistic Care Futures Recovery Healthcare

Evidence-Based Approaches & Innovation

Therapies employed at Futures are evidence-based that have been proven to be effective psychotherapies for the treatment of addiction and co-occurring conditions.

Evidence Based Approaches Futures Recovery Healthcare

Measurement-Based Care

Use of measurement-based care is part of Futures' overall evidence-based practice. The highly trained and licensed clinical team utilizes best practices and evidence-based therapies.

Measurement Based Care Futures Recovery Healthcare

Specialized Therapies

When specific symptoms or underlying conditions are particularly prominent for a patient, a dedicated treatment regimen focused on that symptom or condition can lead to better outcomes.

Specialized Therapies Futures Recovery Healthcare

Empowered Team Culture

All Futures' team members are supported in their mission, galvanized around the central goal of compassionate and effective patient care, and empowered to make meaningful change.

Empowered Team Culture Futures Recovery Healthcare

Patient Service Focus

Every Futures' program and every member of the Futures' team is committed to providing the highest quality of patient service to facilitate better care and positive treatment experience.

Patient Service Futures Recovery Healthcare

Ethical Practice Leadership & Referral

Futures is committed to the highest standards of ethical practice. Patient privacy, appropriate referral practices, care efficacy, and proper communication are essential to all members of the Futures' team.

Ethical Leadership Futures Recovery Healthcare

Advocacy & Destigmatization

Futures helps its patients better understand the disease of addiction, its causes, and the fact that the side-effects of this disease are separate from the person within suffering its effects.

Patient Advocacy Futures Recovery Healthcare
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