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Futures is a clinically-driven organization that fosters an inclusive and empowering culture. All Futures’ Team members — from management to staff — are supported in their mission, galvanized around the central goal of compassionate and effective patient care, and empowered to make meaningful change. Culture plays an important role in addiction treatment and recovery. Patients and staff alike are encouraged to provide feedback to improve program quality. A spirit of cooperation, openness, and attentiveness supports better coordination and effectiveness of care, and makes for a more comfortable clinician workplace and patient experience.

At Futures, we believe that patients are a crucial part the team. The process of treating addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions requires an open and trusting relationship between patients and every member of the treatment team. When people feel deeply comfortable and safe, they are more likely to be able to share the insights and experiences that makes individual and group therapy more productive. Working together, management, staff, and patients create a collaborative environment conducive to doing the hard work of initial recovery.

The factors that make Futures a great place to receive care also make it a great place to work. When healthcare practitioners are empowered, supported, and helped to live out their calling, they can focus most of their attention on providing care and deepening their skills. Futures’ care team members regularly help to guide the program’s operation, innovation, and expansion. The program’s emphasis on quality of life for patients and clinicians reduces stress and fatigue.

Futures is designed to be a center of treatment excellence that supports the ability to clinicians to their best work, and patient feedback and experience to drive continuous improvement. Futures is holistically focused on improving individual outcomes while contributing meaningful insight to its treatment colleagues across the country and around the world.

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