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Individualistic Approach

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Individualized care tailors treatments and services to a patient’s health needs. We believe that the more personalized we can make our care plans, the more effective treatment can become. Targeted care plans work best when they meet physical, psychological, and emotional needs. This is why we take into account a rounded view of each patient’s personality and perspectives in addition to bio-psycho-social diagnoses. Individualistic care is the term we use to describe our holistic, person-based approach to tailoring treatment.

At Futures, we understand that the outward presentation of addiction and dysfunction is suppressing the fully formed and independent person within, one with experiences, aspirations, and expectations. We also know that the very differences that make us unique are also sources of tremendous strength, character, and resilience. The personalization of care is as much about understanding and celebrating our differences as it is about effectively treating specific physical and mental health conditions. The role of treatment at Futures is not to change people, but to free them — to renew independence and self-reliance. We believe in the personal agency of individuals to affect their own positive change and stand beside patients as peers rather than pedagogues — ours is an egalitarian alliance. Our role is to provide medical interventions to help people safely attain stability, and the education, psychotherapy, services, and guidance needed to develop the mentality and skills to sustain long-term recovery. 

By adapting care to a patient’s needs and worldview, we help individuals better internalize the lessons and techniques of therapy.

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