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Treating dual-diagnosis addiction and mental health conditions requires an exceptionally comprehensive range of therapies. Treatment is most effective when these therapies are integrated into a highly coordinated range of patient services that work toward a common goal.

Few other conditions demand as much integrated medical care. Addiction affects multiple aspects of physical and mental health in ways that other conditions do not. The symptoms of addiction can also damage the very resources necessary to get help. Relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues that we rely upon for important physical, mental, and financial support can be lost. Traumatic events resulting from substance-seeking behaviors can lead to physical impairment and legal trouble. Aspirations including professional, civic, and volunteer work central to one’s sense of identity and cultural connection can be derailed.

Addressing the interconnected factors that contribute to addictive behaviors and the perceived need to self-medicate requires a holistic approach. The most effective addiction treatment programming works to identify the underlying causes of addiction and mental health conditions and treat these as part of a lifetime health management plan. Many of the issues that contribute to people developing addictive behaviors require significant effort and assistance to improve.

The integration of patient care — and many other supportive services — can greatly improve long-term patient outcomes. Integrated care is the process of coordinating the efforts of each member of a patient’s care team to enhance individual and systemic outcomes. All members of a patient’s care team collaborate on a regular basis to share information about a patient with the sole purpose of ensuring that health goals are being met, identifying any new conditions or needs, and adding therapies deemed important.

At Futures, all patient care team members meet regularly to discuss each patient and adjust individual care plans to ensure the most effective care is being provided. The Futures’ team communicates with future care providers during the discharge process to assist in the ongoing delivery of coordinated and informed care following treatment at Futures.

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