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Some conditions benefit from specialized care. Addiction differs extensively from person to person. When specific symptoms or underlying conditions are particularly prominent for a particular patient, a dedicated treatment regimen designed to focus attention on that symptom or condition can save lives and lead to better long-term outcomes.

Futures offers specialized treatments that focus therapies on underlying pain, eating conditions, and trauma. Futures also offers a dedicated medically-assisted treatment program for people who require medication to reduce craving to sustainable levels. Each of these specialized need sets requires dedicated services and increased emphasis on appropriate physical and psychological care. Certain conditions, such as eating conditions, require higher levels of medical oversight including regular measurement of vitals and blood testing. Other conditions benefit from specialized treatment settings.

Each specialized program uses specific curriculum and therapies. These programs are headed by skilled therapists with particular experience treating each condition. As with all individualized care, specialized treatment programs benefit patients by ensuring that the bulk of therapy is applied to the condition or conditions that contribute most significantly to addiction and mental health conditions.

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