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The Futures outpatient treatment program is located on 4700 N Congress Avenue in West Palm Beach. This medical office building is conveniently located for patients who live nearby or are residing in sober living homes after completing residential treatment.

The outpatient program offers care to adult patients who live nearby and to those that have been discharged from the Futures residential treatment program. It is normal for people recently discharged from residential therapy to start receiving treatment at an outpatient program — a process referred to as “stepping down.” The Futures outpatient program provides intensive and standard levels of care. Intensive outpatient programs typically provide at least 3 hours of treatment per days at least three days per week. The frequency of appointments and the types of care services provided are tailored to patient needs and determined by the patient’s care team. 

The Futures outpatient group therapy curriculum takes a holistic psychoeducational approach that focuses on skills practice and role play, experiential activities, creative therapy, and mind-body-soul connection. Individual and family sessions are also available.

Primary therapy focus areas include mindfulness, the building of support systems, emotional regulation, relapse prevention, interpersonal effectiveness, letting go, distress tolerance, and families and relationships. 

Telehealth — telephone or internet-based therapy sessions — is also offered as an alternative to our traditional outpatient program. The clinical team determines if and when it is appropriate for patients to use telehealth services instead of attending in-person sessions. Receiving therapy by phone or online increases convenience and access to care when living remotely or where quality outpatient care is not available. 

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