Residential Mental Health Program

High-quality, compassionate, and evidence-based residential mental health treatment program for anxiety, depression, and mood disorders

Living with untreated mental health conditions can be a profoundly difficult and deeply isolating struggle. Empathizing with the dense fog of depression, intense dread of anxiety, and extreme state-changes of bipolar disorder can be almost impossible for people without these conditions. The persistent, pernicious symptoms of these disorders can be debilitating and feel insurmountable. People struggling with mental health disorders and those who care for them can take comfort in the fact that treatment can be highly effective. Evidence-based psychotherapies, lifestyle modifications, and medications can dramatically reduce mental health disorder symptoms and allow people to regain quality-of-life and peace-of-mind.

Mental Health Conditions are Prevalent

Experiencing the symptoms of mental health conditions can make sufferers feel isolated and alone. It may help to know that these conditions affect one in five adults at any given time and that their prevalence is driving significant improvements in understanding and effectively treating these disorders. Mental health conditions are complicated illnesses that can affect every aspect of individual and family life. Many factors contribute to developing these conditions, including traumatic life experiences, family history and genetic disposition, physiological and psychological problems, and more. Every person experiences mental health conditions uniquely, and no single approach to treating these disorders works for everyone. 

Who We Help

Futures treats adults experiencing depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and other mood disorders. Our treatment, curriculum, and campus environment are designed to foster comfort, holistic well-being, and a community of solidarity and support. Through compassionate care and tailored therapies, Futures helps patients learn to navigate life’s everyday challenges, including work stress, parental and family relationships, financial pressures, and other issues that can trigger and exacerbate the symptoms of mental health conditions.

What We Treat

The Futures Recovery Healthcare Mental Health Program takes a holistic and coordinated approach to treating people with a primary diagnosis of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, related mood disorders, and co-occurring mental health conditions. Pre-admission assessment and consultation ensure that patients are medically stable, capable of taking part mentally and physically in our programming, and are not experiencing acute symptoms or conditions requiring an acute hospital-level of care. Accurately assessing and addressing mental health disorders can be a complex process. Futures’ expert professionals take the time to evaluate each patient, affirm or update a diagnosis, and create personalized treatment plans that address one’s range of needs.

High-Quality Treatment, and Medical and Clinical Leadership

Effectively treating mental health disorders and helping people learn to manage conditions long-term takes high-quality, evidence-based psychotherapy, psychiatry, and case management. Futures employs a team of talented, licensed care providers, including specialized medical doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, case managers, and wellness professionals. This experienced and credentialed team collaborates to provide effective and coordinated care and help patients minimize and manage their ongoing mental health symptoms.

Futures holds itself to the highest quality standards and works hard to help patients, families, and referring professionals feel confident in choosing this program. Futures is licensed, accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s largest medical accrediting body, and meets the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) standards for residential care.

Personalized Care

Futures’ patients receive a thorough medical and psychiatric assessment and other diagnostic tests to establish baselines and identify medical issues requiring treatment. The Futures care team collaboratively develops a personalized care plan based on the assessment, assigns a case manager, and schedules appropriate therapies and services. Patients receive integrated psychiatry, medication management, individual and group psychotherapy sessions, recreational therapy, and family therapy. They may also take part in holistic health activities, including yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

Family Involvement and Support

Although mental health conditions may affect only one family member, the entire family system can be affected. These conditions can cause sufferers to appear disconnected, unable to participate in family and work life, and cause stress and worry among loved ones. At Futures, family therapy educates family members about mental health disorders and how to help their loved one maintain good mental health.

Recreation, Self-Care, and Nutrition

Living with untreated mental health conditions can make it difficult to experience authentic happiness, connect with friends, or fully relax. These conditions can also make it harder to engage in recreation and exercise and may even cause or exacerbate physical pain. Futures patients learn to incorporate leisure and wellness into their lives by taking part in structured group recreation activities, exercise, and self-care. Diet also plays a crucial role in maintaining good mental and physical health. Futures provides nutritional education and healthy, delicious meals, and snacks to help patients learn how to use nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Futures Experience

The Futures Recovery Healthcare Mental Health program and campus is designed to make the process of participating in our intensive holistic clinical and wellness therapies as convenient, efficient, and enjoyable as possible. Futures’ patients receive a high number of individual and group therapy hours, receive medical checks, and participate in recreation, self-care, and wellness activities throughout their stay. Time here is spent receiving high-quality care. Leisure and fun are also important for our patients.

Schedules include a balance of intensive clinical work and opportunities to heal through wellness activities, recreation, and connecting with the treatment community.

Finding a balance between the work of treatment and enjoying life is helpful for patients learning to free themselves from the symptoms of mental health disorders. All patient suites offer private bedrooms and bathrooms, television, internet, and a shared common space. Private single suites are also available.

Common Ground

Getting to know other people who live with and manage mental health conditions can be a comforting and enriching experience. Futures fosters a safe and welcoming environment, encourages positive patient interaction, and uses group therapy and recreation to help patients find common ground and develop relationships that provide lasting support and camaraderie.

Discharge Planning and Continuum of Care

Mental health disorders, like other chronic health conditions, require a lifetime of regular management. While Futures’ patients can reduce their symptoms and learn vital skills during their time at the residential program, establishing a strong and accessible continuum of coordinated healthcare is often needed to keep symptoms under control and make additional progress. Futures’ discharge planning specialists help patients identify and connect with the specialized mental health providers in their home communities that will continue treatment. Through careful planning, patients can make a smooth and seamless transition between Futures and the ongoing care providers that will help them sustain good mental health and improved quality of life.

Cost of Treatment and Insurance

Futures’ Mental Health Program patients typically pay for their treatment by utilizing their health insurance benefits offered through private commercial insurance policies and private payments. The portion of care that patients cover varies depending upon their insurance plan, deductible, and other factors. Futures helps patients utilize their available benefits to minimize out-of-pocket expenses. We recognize that our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality, coordinated health services can come at a significant cost to our patients. Futures strives to be an effective treatment provider, represent an exceptional healthcare value, and make our care as accessible as possible.

Admissions — call Futures today at (855) HOPE-300

We very much look forward to your call. Seeking treatment for mental health conditions takes courage, and the time in which a person is able and willing to accept help is precious and fleeting. Futures’ admissions staff are available at all times and ready to listen and advise. The Futures admissions team is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. They can help individuals, referring professionals, or loved ones seeking care determine if Futures can best help, or refer to alternate providers if their clinical or medical criteria indicate they would be better served by another provider.

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