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Family Support Specialist

Jamie Sousa began her career as an experiential therapist with high acuity mental health in the hospital setting. She has traveled around the country, gaining experience working with military services members and veterans until eventually finding her place caring for clients with substance use disorders in South Florida. Jamie has developed and facilitated adventure, experiential programs, community reintegration, and family programs. She provides mental health training and supervision for local first responders and is passionate about uncovering and resolving trauma that impacts a person’s ability to fully enjoy life.

Jamie is an EMDR certified therapist, a certified recreation therapist, is nationally-board certified, and licensed in several states.  At Futures, she uses her experience treating trauma and addictions to offer meaningful experiences and support for family members.

Jamie is a Family Support Specialist and facilitator during our monthly Family Forums where she is referred to affectionately as “The Ringer,” encouraging clients and families to truly connect.

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