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Jay Cedeno

Admissions Coordinator

Jay brings dedication and passion along with years of experience in the field of recovery. He has held several roles at quality providers for substance use disorder treatment, including behavioral technician, case manager, and his current position. This range of experience has afforded him the awareness and knowledge necessary to be an important first point of contact for our clients and their families, ultimately providing them the resources and information required to make the best choices for their unique situation.

“Having personally suffered from my own addiction and having my life spiral out of control, I made the conscious decision to surrender and do whatever it takes to achieve and maintain my sobriety. My goal and vision is to be an example of hope and I believe once the seed of recovery is planted, with proper guidance, we can be led to a happy and healthy life. I am extremely grateful to be able to serve in this capacity and contribute my experience to the admissions team here at Futures.”

Jay is a native to south Florida and his greatest passions are his children, art, culture, spirituality and the great outdoors, especially fishing.

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