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John Dedman, MHC

Admissions Specialist

John Dedman began his career at Futures as a Resident Assistant (RA). From day one on the job he has emanated a sense of serenity, gratitude and overall well-being to clients and his colleagues. His commitment to serve and his ability to connect with anyone who walks through our doors earned him a promotion in 2017 to Resident Assistant Supervisor. John continues to shine with the added responsibilities and remains dedicated to raising the expectations of his team. In 2017, John completed his Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree, and in 2021 completed his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling, to get closer to another professional milestone of becoming a primary therapist. His experience across multiple departments is invaluable to helping patients and families understand the journey and services administered at Futures.

All of his recent accomplishments are by design. John has long adopted the mental training aspects of Cuong Nhu, a unique discipline of martial arts. The philosophy is grounded in continual self-improvement, community service, and respect for others. John lives and breathes that philosophy every day at Futures.

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