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Laura Kunz

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Relations, Vice President of Spirence

Laura Kunz joined Futures in 2015. Since 2009, she’s worked in the field of behavioral health, helping families and individuals in need, and building partnerships locally and nationally with respected professionals and organizations inside and outside of the behavioral healthcare industry. As Director of Strategic Partnerships and Business Relations, Laura identifies and pursues areas of organizational growth in line with Futures values, mission, and vision.  

Laura has an education in Organizational Leadership. Laura is the founder and Co-chair of Jupiter Recovery Day and the founder of the Midwest PLA Group. She has also served on the WCPO Heroin Advisory Board. Outside of her work, Ms. Kunz’s passions include spending time outdoors with her family and friends, cooking, and creative projects.

To contact Laura, please email lkunz@futuresrecoveryhealthcare.com

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