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Lynda Williams, MS

Futures Recovery Healthcare Ambassador

Lynda R. Williams is currently the Professor of the Practice at Middle Tennessee State University in the Department of Criminal Justice Administration; with this appointment in 2017, she became the first individual bestowed this title in recognition of the breadth and depth of her knowledge and expertise in the field of criminal justice and executive security.

In her role within the Department of Criminal Justice Administration, Ms. Williams’ curriculum subject matter includes foreign/domestic terrorism studies, criminal justice processes, community and public service engagement and executive law enforcement leadership speaker symposiums.

Prior to joining the faculty of Middle Tennessee State University, Ms. Williams led an accomplished career as a veteran of the United States Secret Service, from 1988 until she retired, as the Deputy Assistant Director in 2017.

Ms. Williams began her career in the United States Secret Service in 1988 as a Uniformed Division Officer assigned to the White House Branch. After serving three years as an Officer, she was selected to be a Special Agent and assigned to the Washington Field Office where she carried out the agency’s primary investigative mission in counterfeit currency, treasury check, credit card and bank fraud, and other financial crimes investigations. In 1997, Ms. Williams was assigned to the Vice Presidential Protective Division during the Clinton Administration, and for the next four years, executed executive protection and venue security for Vice President Al Gore, domestically and internationally; she then returned to the field as a senior agent in the Richmond (Va.) field office to continue investigative case management and protection assignments.

Ms. Williams entered the supervisory ranks in 2003, when she was promoted as the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office. Her promotion served as a milestone distinguishing her as the first African American female to serve as a supervisor in this major field office. In 2004, Ms. Williams was transferred to the Secret Service Headquarters, where she served as the National Recruiter in the Security Clearance Division. In 2008, she was once again promoted to the Secret Service’s Country Attaché, Pretoria Resident Office in Pretoria, South Africa. In this capacity she was responsible for all Secret Service operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and five countries in West Africa. Ms. Williams had jurisdiction for 21 countries, as well as oversight for the security of the visit of the American executive delegations (Vice President Biden, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter) during 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

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